Mangalatthadīpani in Lān Nā version

  • Viroj Inthanon Chiang Mai University
Keywords: Mangalatthadīpani


The objective of this article is to analyse Mangalatthadīpanī in Lān Nā  The objective of this article is to analyse Mangalatthadīpanī in Lān Nā version by studying from the copies of Wat Laihin, Lampang province that were written in the year 2329 B.E.totally 13 volumes. After collecting all datas then analyse and present them by descriptive way.  From the study it was found that Mangalatthadīpanī in Lān Nā version was the work of Mahosattha or Mahosot of Pahin school. It was the summarised translation from Mangalatthadīpanī in Pāli version that was the work of Phrasirimangalacāriya ; the great scholar of Lān Nā. Later, the Poranacāriya in Lān Nā translated it into Lān Nā version with the translation that call Nissaya, that is, to raise the Pāli then translated into Lān Nā language word by word or sentence by sentence. This was written by the selection of content that is easy to understand. The Pāli word / sentence that deeply explain Dhamma, hard to understand, will not be written. The content related to the life-stype of the common people in each of Mangala and made it easy to understand with story, the author took out that story to write too. Therefore, it can be said that, This Mangalatthadīpanī in Lān Nā version was written to serve as the teaching for the common people.

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